High Earning Executives


This PodBlast Pack is crafted to spotlight the critical importance of managing personal finances for top-tier executives. This pack is your behind-the-scenes toolkit, complete with a straightforward episode guide on executive financial strategies, key insights from experts, and customizable marketing materials to amplify your reach.

Additionally, you’ll receive a captivating Promo Email, a ready-to-publish blog post, AND creative social media content to attract a wider audience. Designed specifically for financial advisors, this pack not only simplifies content creation but educates your listeners about optimizing taxes, understanding stock options, and other key financial considerations for executives. By addressing the complexities of executive-level financial management, you empower your audience to make more informed decisions about their financial well-being, highlighting the key role financial advisors play in securing their financial future.

What’s included:

  • Episode Guide: Titles, intros, key points, and more – all laid out for you.
  • Episode Summary: Customizable description and key points to attract listens.
  • Promo Email: Grab-and-go template to announce your episode.
  • Blog Post: Pre-written content to expand your reach.
  • Social media posts: Engaging copy for maximum visibility.

Every PodBlast Pack is…

  • Downloadable in just minutes.
  • Packed with atomized content. 
  • Crafted by ProudMouth’s team of marketing gurus.
  • Written with compliance in mind for faster approvals.
  • Easy to personalize with your own unique twist.